My name is Annie Davis and I am so glad you’re here.  I am a lover of life and of all the magic and adventure that comes with taking the step towards life long commitment to your sweetheart.  

I’m also a mom, a wife, a vegan, an ocean addict and yoga teacher(student).  In many ways, I believe my passion for yoga and for guiding others through their own practice has transferred beautifully and cohesively to the work of guiding couples through this special and sacred process of commitment to one another.

I feel that officiating ceremonies is sacred and powerful work.  I am honored to hold space for couples as they commit to each other forever.  I almost have to pinch myself to believe that this is my “job”, that this is what I have the privilege of participating in.  

Choosing to get married on Maui is also just as dream worthy.  From picturesque beaches and cliff sides, to serene forests and coastal jungles - there are backdrops as unique as your own love story to compliment your ceremony seamlessly.  I truly believe that the energy of this island I get to call home, is magnetic in attracting couples to say their “I do’s” here.  It is an extremely special place.    

Thank you kindly for your interest in what I offer here.  I look forward to talking with you further and designing a ceremony that speaks directly to you and your love.  ALOHA!